When Walker was formed in 1981, the company started with only three employees, and during the last 34 years, has transformed into one of the largest and most qualified electrical construction companies in Texas, with offices in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Austin.

With an employee headcount now over 1,300, Walker is able to take on electrical projects of all shapes and sizes ranging from a service call through new ground-up construction for major hospitals, luxury hotels, museums, stadiums, data centers and other commercial construction projects. Walker’s goal is to be always focused on getting the project completed with the best possible results.

Why Walker?

Here’s a few of the advantages to choosing Walker Engineering:

  • Experienced teams with relevant project knowledge
  • In-house engineering staff
  • Successful LEED Platinum and Gold experience
  • Continuous Safety Improvement Programs In-place
  • An Industry-leading EMR record
  • Zero Fatilities and Zero OSHA Citations
  • Quality Control & Assurance focused

  • Financially Strong
  • Large Bonding capacity and has never failed to complete a project
  • An Innovation leader in REVIT, BIM and CAD.
  • Successful team collaboration approach toward projects
  • UL Certified Pre-Fab Shop in Irving, TX

Major Vertical Markets Include:

  • Mission Critical
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Sports Arenas
  • Educational Campuses
  • Office / High Rise
  • Industrial
  • Water / Waste Water Plants
  • Retail


The Walker Network Services Division has a successful track record of performing network infrastructure, audio/visual, and security installations as well as having the experience and capability to handle your entire Technology Project Management needs. Walker’s goal is to provide certified structured connectivity solutions and Special Systems Services to new and existing customers as well as servicing customers through opportunities presented by our Electrical Division.

The Network Services Division specializes in the design-build, installation, and service of physical layer Structured Connectivity Systems with services to customers ranging from corporate, industrial, and institutional end-users both directly and under the scope of the general contractor. Network Services products and services are directly supported and aligned with the Electrical Division sales efforts within Walker Engineering. At Walker, the Network Services Division has been developed around the philosophy of striving for total customer satisfaction by delivering superior project quality, on time, safely and within budget.


Voice and Data Cabling
Fiber Optic
Wireless Access
DAS (Distributed Antenna System)


Walker’s Audio/Visual Design-Build Group has works with our customers to find the right integrated audio, video and control systems solutions for their budget. As with the Network Services Division, this business segment specializes in the design-build, installation, and service of integrated A/V systems while working closely with the Network Services, Security, and Electrical teams to ensure a successful hand-off and a streamlined installation process. As technologies have advanced so have Walker’s services offered continued to evolve. In recent years, there has been an increasing need to provide high-end, full service design-build A/V services built on highly experienced team members. Walker has built a team that meets the level of quality and professionalism required for success.


Video & Conferencing
Command & Control
Voice Evacuation / Paging


Another Network Service Segment that Walker Engineering specializes in is Security, Video Surveillance, CCTV and Paging systems installations. From small office installation all the way to International Airport terminals and Level 1 Trauma Centers, there is no security installation too small or too large for our qualified and experienced Security Group to help you find the right solution for your company. Walker’s unique position in the market to rep several of the top manufacturers provides our customers with a design and installation team that is versed in all of the major brands and systems.


Access Control
CCTV / Video Surveillance


Traditionally speaking, technology systems were one of the last elements to be installed in a project. At Walker, we believe that IT Technology is rapidly becoming the 4th branch of Project MEP Services and is the enabler for MEP and other building systems and should be an early procurement item on every project. Walker believes that by using an early procurement approach toward technology together with a strong design team allows for technology systems to be installed “in” the building, not “on” it. Walker looks for every opportunity to collaborate in the Design-Assist or Design-Build process by coupling emerging technologies, constructability needs, interoperability mandates with the operational evolution of the end-user throughout the lifecycle of your project, large or small.


System Integration
Design-Build / Design-Assist
Active Equipment Procurement
& Deployment


Walker's End-User Service Organization has exceeded customer expectations for over 30-years. Our tradition of excellence is one that continues to gain momentum with each new job we complete. Our qualified team of technicians, estimators and account managers are available 24/7 to serve your project in the DFW, Houston and Austin/San Antonio markets. We offer competative pricing and some of the most qualified technicians in the State. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Service Categories

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • New and Remodel Installations

  • Data Hall Moves, Adds, & Changes

  • Network Services Installations

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Warranty Service

  • UL Approved Industrial Control Panel & Electrical Whip Manufacturer

  • Repair & Replacement

  • Remodel Electrical Installations

  • Fixture Replacement and LED Retrofits

  • Ballast and Lamp Replacements

  • Facility Support

  • Thermal Imaging, Equipment Testing and Troubleshooting

  • EnerNOC and Energy Efficiency System Installations and Repair

  • Garage and Parking Lot Lighting and Video Surveillance Repair and Installation

Areas of Expertise

  • Mission Critical

  • Commercial / Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial

  • Educational Facilities

  • Sports & Entertainment

  • New Installations

  • Generators

  • Start-ups / Shut-downs

  • Switchgear

  • UPS Systems

  • Lighting

Areas Served

Dallas / Fort Worth



San Antonio


Walker’s Tenant Finish Group specializes in quick turnaround and competitive pricing for all types of tenant finish and tenant improvement work. Whether you have a new or existing office, education facility or professional medical office, we have the manpower and expertise to get your facility operational.


One of the unique things about Walker Engineering is that we have a staff of (8) Professional Engineers (PE’s) and a department of Engineer’s In Training (EIT’s) and BIM Professionals servicing our projects. Several of our engineers and design professionals have worked on the design consulting side of the business with major MEP firms and some have run their electrical engineering teams.

This helps Walker to proactively interpret the intent and design of a project and convert it into real cost data. It also helps our engineering team by knowing how to talk the language of the engineers we working with on projects by helping them review design concepts and offer design alternates and solutions when necessary with innovative ideas that confirm the thought processes.

Walker’s in-house staff of engineers also has the ability to stamp and seal electrical drawings for true Design-Build projects. This is a more specialized way of building a project, but one of the main benefits to this project execution approach is that it offers the practical constructability knowledge of our project installation teams coupled with the engineer expertise of our Professional Engineers. The end goal that Walker uses when approaching these projects is the concept of “DRAW IT ONCE; BUILD IT ONCE” in order to maximize the customers resources, increase efficiency and eliminate rework.


Walker Engineering reviews every job looking for opportunities to save the Owner time and money through prefabrication opportunities. We have a fully staffed 20,000 square foot pre-fabrication shop and warehouse at our Corporate Headquarters in Irving, TX and another 20,000 square feet of prefab and warehouse space at our new Houston office. Many of the products that go out of our shop bear a UL Label allowing for installation without inspection of the assembly.
The Pre-fab Shops also serves our Austin, and San Antonio operations.

Our facility is a UL approved Industrial Control Panel Shop (ICP). Daily deliveries go out to the projects for just-in-time arrival eliminating the need for on-site storage and waste production. A centralized shop allows Walker to achieve UL approvals for various assemblies and eliminates the need for duplication of efforts in our locations across Texas.

GMP Projects

Walker thrives in GMP and Design-Assist environments and many of the largest projects that Walker has completed were done using a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract. Our dedicated team of Pre-Construction Professionals and Engineers gives our customers the ability to lock in their MEP trade partners early in the budgeting process without delaying project commencement or the overall construction schedule.

Sustainable Design / LEED

Walker has completed more than (50) LEED projects to-date with more than 40% of those projects being LEED Gold or Platinum Certified. Walker was fortunate to have worked on two highly notable projects early on in the sustainable building movement one of which was the first LEED Platinum hospital and other was the first LEED Gold data center in the United States. We take sustainable design and energy efficiency serious because we know that it has a major effect on our customers operational costs. Our team of LEED-accredited Electrical Engineers has assembled a collection of tools and methods that can be used to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your building and enhance its energy efficiency.

Pre-Construction /
Conceptual Estimating

Pre-construction is the most critical stage of construction because the benefits or penalties are felt for the duration of the project. Pre-construction delivers the desired project at the most economical price.Walker has a team of full-time Pre-Construction Professionals with expertise in Cost Modeling using aconceptual budget approach to estimating project cost. A Cost Model is a detailed budget that reflects actual material types and quantities as well as equipment selection and equipment layout based on early design ideas and concept designs, despite having a complete set of drawings. Walker’s pre-construction professionals can be brought onboard early in the design stages of a project to assist in various pricing activities to help our customers achieve their desired project budget. By coordinating with the engineering team and construction team, the cost model can capture scope and constructability methods that might not be conveyed on the current set of drawings.

Design-Build / Design-Assist

Another advantage to choosing Walker is that our professional engineering staff and electrical designers have backgrounds in the design side and construction side of the industry. These team members understand electrical systems design and how to interpret intent and convert it to cost as well as how to talk the language of the engineering teams we work with at the jobsite. Walker also has the engineering staff available and the ability to do complete design-build projects and stamp drawings. This is a more specialized way of building a project, but is something that the industry is using more often. Whether we’re asked to collaborate with a project design team or provide a complete set of sealed electrical drawings, Walker’s approach toward design-build and design-assist projects is "Draw it Once; Build it Once."


Innovation comes in many different shapes and forms, but in the construction industry old habits are sometimes hard to break. In addition to the deployment of computer-based tools and training for our field personnel, Walker continues to develop new methods for managing projects, employee development, field communication, task tracking and safety improvement. Not only do these programs improve the efficiency within our organization, but these tools and technology help our staff improve electronic communication and document control with the Project Team and other trades.


BIM Modeling is used to enhance the efficiency of the construction process. Walker has a dedicatedteam of electrical engineers and CAD professionals that have been utilizing 3D Modeling and Collision Detection Software since 2004 have found that using a coordinated model benefits the project in several ways including: document control, collision detection, space management, pathway management, reducing trade stacking and eliminating re-work.


As part of Walker’s QA/QC process, it is imperative that the QA/QC team members from all of the MEP disciplines work together to ensure that the work that is being installed per the coordinated BIM drawings that are prepared during the initial stages of the project. One of the ways Walker ensures the correct points are being installed is by utilizing the Trimble System, which has the ability to exact layout inserts, hangers and supporting apparatus in the field by utilizing the coordinated information from the BIM model and converting it into a field application similar to a Total Station. Especially on very large projects, this has proven to be more accurate and more efficient than older methods of doing field layouts. The Trimble system also has the ability to confirm the elevations for ducts, plumbing piping, fire protection piping and electrical conduits. The Trimble is not only used for placing installation points, but it is also used to gather data points for items already installed in the field and transfer that information back to the BIM model for final record drawings.

LEAN Construction Practices

Strategic projects need trade partners that can not only deliver on time and within budget but that can support the collaborative effort of staying on schedule and within budget. Over the years, Walker has continued to develop its project leaders through training and developmental seminars about such topics as LEAN Construction Practices and Integrated Project Delivery. Several of our projects have utilized the Last Planner System and the Pull Planning schedule method to create a collaborative task-driven scheduling effort. Another way that Walker has taken a collaborative approach to project delivery is through participating in the Integrated Project Delivery method or IPD. Commonly used on some of our larger healthcare projects, this way of having a shared risk and shared reward not only incentives the project team to stay on track but it facilitates a collaborative effort between all stakeholders where egos are left at the door and open and honest discussions can take place in order to find the best and most efficient project solutions.

Start-up and Commissioning

At the end of a project, Testing and Commissioning serves multiple purposes. It provides documented confirmation that a facility meets the functional and performance requirements of the building owner. It is necessary for the process to establish and document the criteria for system function, performance,and maintainability. The owner’s personnel must trust the system is operating as-designed and as efficiently as possible. Electrical systems require particular attention. These systems require thorough testing, especially emergency generator systems, power monitoring, fire alarm, telecommunications and lighting controls.

Walker’s knowledgeable QA/QC Professionals not only take part in the commissioning activities at the end of the project, but are dedicated to managing quality control onsite throughout the entire project lifecycle working hand-in-hand with the Project Team, Owner and Commissioning Agent. Our philosophy is to “Begin with the End in Mind” and find that this approach to QA/QC enables more successful projects, happier end-users and less re-work. Testing during the commissioning phase serves as an education process for the owner. Walker takes great pride in conducting practical hands-on training classes for the Owner's personnel who will be assuming responsibility of the building operation as well as bringing on-board our End User Services Team to assist in any Warranty or Maintenance related needs that may arise.


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